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Some of the most interesting and attractive holiday destinations which offer an escape from winter's gloom

Villaseek: long haul

Holidays in the more exotic destinations

Far & Away villa holidays

Villas in Australia, the Caribbean, Dubai, Gambia, India, Mauritius, Kenya, South Africa, Thailand

Fancy a holiday off the beaten villa track? In this section you’ll find villas, houses and apartments in countries and areas that have comparatively little privately-owned accommodation on offer, but nevertheless include some of the most interesting and attractive holiday destinations. These include villas in the Caribbean, South Africa, the Far East and 'down under'.

Villa holidays 'down under'

Longest haul of all is 'down under' to Australia and New Zealand. If you're going that far, it makes sense to stay for several weeks. That's when renting a house or apartment becomes a much more attractive option than racking up big hotel bills or out-staying your welcome with relatives. Australia resources > | New Zealand resources >

Caribbean villas holidays

There are plenty of countries which offer an escape from winter gloom. The Caribbean needs no introduction from us – the palm-fringed white sand beaches, the relaxed lifestyle and sparkling sea are common to all, but each island has its own history, character and appeal. St Kitts, for instance, remains part of the ‘old’ Caribbean, with its natural beauty and traditional culture virtually untouched by commercialism and tourism. Casibbean resources >

Villas in the Far East

The Far East is easier to reach and more affordable than ever before. Thailand has some of the world’s best beaches as well as interesting ancient sites and marvellous cuisine. Or you could always head further south to Goa, Sri Lanka or Mauritius, the island paradise in the Indian Ocean. India resources > | Thailand resources >

Villa holidays in South Africa

South Africa has only recently come on the holiday scene in a big way, but it’s certainly making up for lost time now. Midsummer down there comes at Christmas time, and the Cape coast area in particular has wonderful beaches, a glorious climate and an excellent selection of self-catering accommodation, from apartments to luxury houses with their own pools and domestic staff. Air fares to South Africa have come down to really affordable levels and prices there are low, so it’s well worth considering for an autumn, spring or winter holiday. South Africa resources >