Feeding the new Humbolt penguins at Guinate Tropical Park

Child's play… on Lanzarote

What can Lanzarote offer to keep kids entertained? Nick Ball has the answers

'Will there be anything for the children to do?' As there's nothing more certain to put the dampeners on a sunshine break than a brood of bored children, that's the question many parents will ask before booking a family holiday. Fortunately Lanzarote - the most easterly of the Canary Islands - offers plenty of distractions and activities that are sure to appeal to even the choosiest child. They range from undersea exploration to camel back adventure.

Underwater adventures

Dolphin museum in Puerto Calero

Dolphin museum in Puerto Calero

Few children can resist a ride on Lanzarote's very own yellow submarine. And this excellent excursion - combining excitement and adventure with an element of education - usually makes a big splash with the whole family.

The £1.75 million sub is operated by the highly professional team at Submarine Safaris, which has been treating tourists to undersea voyages for more than ten years from their base in the luxury marina of Puerto Calero.

At 60ft and seating up to 48 people, the state-of-the-art vessel is one of the most sophisticated tourist crafts around and is surprisingly roomy and comfortable. Best of all, the sub is specifically designed for underwater sightseeing. It has two very large viewing ports at either end, another 22 portals throughout the cabin and TV screens in every seat, all ensuring that even the smallest submariner can view the action outside from every angle.

The clarity of the water around Lanzarote and the abundance of local marine wildlife make for a truly memorable experience which is enhanced by a scuba diver who drops in to feed the fish - so attracting even more species, identified by the knowledgeable on-board guides, to the sub's windows.


Four dives a day, seven days a week


Adults €52, children (under 14) €30 (includes transport to and from Puerto Calero)